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Are these services provided by SDT Advertising, or are you in any way affiliated with SDT Advertising?

No. No association whatsoever, in fact, I've never heard of them.
will "Reseller-Traffic.com" be mentioned at all?
No. We're completely anonymous in the process. You must have a website from which to sell traffic, of course, and all business (quoting and checking stats) can be done right from your site
What's the return policy if they don't receive the exact amount of traffic they bought?
We guarantee that we send the amount of traffic you pay for. All shortfalls are made up with no questions asked. Please see our Terms of Service page on the website for complete details.

I'm interested in your program but have a few questions.

What does the tracking stats include (number of unique visitors, visitors delivered, vistors left, start date)? Does it provide the ip address of the unique visitors that have been sent?

Our visitors are all 24-hour unique, it shows visitors delivered, how many in the queue, etc. based on the hourly rate that you set the campaign up at. If you buy Geo targeted, it shows the country where the page is displayed. IP addressing is not an issue since popunders are shown on our network of 15,000+ webmaster sites, meaning the actual surfer's ID is known only to the site he/she goes to (the webmaster) to receive the popunder.

Can an advertiser pause a campaign and switch the url if they wanted to?

Yes, understanding that any switch of URL requires approval of the new URL, of course. But speeding up, slowing down, and pausing have no effect on the approval process.

How soon do you start a campaign after I submit it? Do you work on weekends too or just the weekdays?

Usually within a couple of hours of submission, but so I don't paint myself into a corner I would say at the very latest it would be 12 hours. I am based in Los Angeles and my partner is in the UK so one of us is on-line all of the time (this is my full time job) plus we employ independent checkers who can also approve campaigns. Our sites are also covered all and every weekend.

You don't actually provide some of the sites these popunder ads will be displayed on. My advertisers would want to know that or see some of the sites their ads would be displayed on.  Would you be able to provide some of the urls?

This question comes up occasionally. Our network of 15,000 webmasters display our popups all day, every day but the possibility of a customer seeing his/her own page is actually quite remote since we deliver over 30 million visitors a month. I always suggest that the reseller join our program and become on of our webmasters and then when asked to supply a website, it would be their own, also the reseller would be gaining reciprocal traffic as a result. Trust should not be an issue since we pay third parties to check our logs every day to make sure there's no funny business going on. If we ever discover any, the webmaster is bounced immediately.

Our calling card really is our reseller support and site functionality, however, since you can put our quote page on your own site as well as the stats page. Your buyer would never know you're not supplying the traffic yourself.