The Theory Behind the System

When a website is called up by an Internet user, your site is silently accessed, or displayed, behind the current one so that when the user exits the page he or she is on, YOUR page (also called the 'pop-under') is exposed in all its glory--full screen. The user will be, in effect, on your website and you want to grab the attention of the person in front of that screen.

Pop Advertising is obviously one of the most successful forms of getting your ad out on the web. Every time a visitor goes to one of the sites in our network of extremely high volume websites, your web page will pop up and will immediately grab the visitor's attention! This is the basis for all such website visitor traffic--so WHY PAY MORE FOR THE SAME HITS? Does that make sense?

The best part...
Since the pop-under ad is YOUR website, or a specific page on your website, you can change the page at any given point in the process--depending on whether you like the results of your campaign.

If you press the button below you'll see a page I put up for traffic distribution recently and it's just starting to take effect. I'm showing the statistics pulled off of that is predicting, based on the traffic in the last hour, how many visits I could expect during the month if I maintained this pace. Prior to now, this website had zero traffic. Information is verifiable. 

Can You Handle MASSIVE Hits?

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