If I Can Guarantee 10,000 Visitors to Your Site,

Can You Deliver the Sales?

Are you still throwing your money at banner ads, FFA sites, and e-mail advertising that rarely gets read and gives little in return? Newsletters? Opt-in, Double Opt-in mail lists? And are you still trying to "optimize your site for search engines"? And, all importantly, are you making money? Probably not unless you own those lists, the FFA sites, and the engines. And if you're not one of the owners--PUT YOUR EFFORT INTO SOMETHING THAT WORKS!

If you sell a Product or Service...

...it stands to reason, as in any type of sales, that getting DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF a potential customer with your pitch is the ONLY place to be. So do you want to depend on someone else's 'Newsletter' being read and hope that you're picked out among the 12 other 3-line, black-on-white text ads to make a sale? Early on, I joined a group of FFA sites and received 834 emails in my inbox the next morning. I deleted 99.9% of them without even opening them--just like everyone else does (then I deleted that email address). And if I get 1 more solo ad from 'Mr Newsletter' today--I'll cancel that, too. We're so overloaded with offers and information--LET'S GET RIGHT TO THE POINT!

We Deliver Visitors to Any Page On Your Site

So here's the deal. I take care of the tough part--deliver thousands of potential customers to your site and YOU convert them into SALES. And now that you have all this extra time--where's your sales campaign? Do You Need help? No problem, I have an excellent collection of FREE articles you can download kick your campaign into HIGH-GEAR. Click HERE. And assume you'll have only one chance with the prospect to make that sale!

What's the Potential Return on my Investment?

It's an indisputable fact that your site, or any site, needs visitors if you are going to make any money on the Internet. And given that, let's suppose that you sell a product for $25 and, as is normal, 1% of visitors actually purchase.

Without our service: An average site gets way less than 100 hits per day (or 3,000/month). Nevertheless, approximately 30 people will purchase your product each month (1% of 3,000). That means you are selling $750 per month (30 sales at $25 per sale = $750) without targeted visitors.

With our service: Suppose the site owner (you) purchases 100,000 GUARANTEED visitors to your site from me. Using our assumption that 1% of visitors will purchase the product, a total of 1,000 purchases will be made. That's total sales of $25,000! And that's if only 1% of visitors make a purchase. Think about the return on your investment! You will make even more per campaign depending on your profit per purchase, the product being offered, and the killer presentation you're about to create!





   Here's the scenario of the $25 product :


Number of Hits

Minimum Conversion Rate

Income per month

Your Cost



Assume 1%





Assume 1%





Assume 1%





Assume 1%





Assume 1%





And Here's Our Best Sales Pitch

We Supply the Suppliers

Since we supply the resellers, you're getting wholesale prices as well as everything else that the other guys don't give you?

 THE lowest prices anywhere!
Order UNLIMITED amounts of traffic!
 Run UNLIMITED campaigns!
 Highly effective TARGETED advertising
 Campaigns completed in 30 days or your money back!
 Most orders processed and completed within 12hrs!

Our Incredible Guarantee
All of our accounts are backed by a full unconditional money back guarantee. If we fail and don't deliver the amount of traffic we promised within the 30 day time period, we will refund your money on a pro-rata basis.

Can You Handle MASSIVE Hits?

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